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Hosting Locally

The Data

Get the latest release on GitHub.

Host the WorldWind library and the images folder on your local HTTP server:


Get some data and unpack to:


You can also use this example data from NASA. Note that the naming of the folder being “standalone” is specific to the example data from NASA. With custom data, the folder could be named anything.

The Script

Add the WorldWind library:

<script src="https://YOUR_SERVER/worldwind.min.js" type="text/javascript"/>

Create an HTML5 canvas:

<canvas id="canvasOne" width="1024" height="768">
    Your browser does not support HTML5 Canvas.

Load the data in WorldWind:

// Use a local elevation coverage rather than the defaults.
var elevationCoverage = new WorldWind.EarthRestElevationCoverage("../standalonedata/Earth/DTED0");
var elevationModel = new WorldWind.ElevationModel();

// Create a WorldWindow for the canvas using the local elevations data.        
var wwd = new WorldWind.WorldWindow("canvasOne", elevationModel);

// Add the local Blue Marble layer that retrieves imagery from local standalone data.
var blueMarble = new WorldWind.BMNGRestLayer(null, "../standalonedata/Earth/BlueMarble256/");

// Add the local Landsat layer (this offline data covers only a sector of the globe in North America)
var landSat = new WorldWind.LandsatRestLayer(null, "../standalonedata/Earth/Landsat");

You can see a complete example in the GitHub repository:

New Showcase section

Dear WorldWind Community,

We added a new Showcase section to the website featuring a curated list of third-party geospatial software projects that show what the developer community has built with the WorldWind Planetary Globe Engine.

Please note that these projects are developed independently and externally from NASA leveraging WorldWind’s public, open-source release unless stated otherwise in their description.

If you desire to submit a project to be considered for its inclusion in she Showcase section, reach out to the WorldWind team at:

Please add the subject “Showcase submission” or simply use the link above.