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Web WorldWind is a free, open-source virtual globe for web pages. Written in JavaScript, Web WorldWind enables web page and application builders to quickly create interactive visualizations of geographic information on an interactive 3D globe or 2D map. Web WorldWind provides an API that enables JavaScript programs to control every detail of visualization and interaction. Use it to embed a globe in your web page or create your own application. Web WorldWind runs on all major operating systems, desktop and mobile devices, and web browsers.

Interactive features

As a developer, you decide how to display and interact with your data. We provide interactive features such as shapes and paths, as well as Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standard protocols. Use only what you need.

Technical contributors

The Web WorldWind platform has many technical contributors. In particular, the European Space Agency has provided valuable add-ons and improvements. These features have enabled various apps powered by the WorldWind platform, such as the Copernicus Sentinel mobile app.


All source code is open source for developers throughout the world. Fork the repository on GitHub!

NASA WorldWind Project Notice

Currently WorldWind is undergoing system evaluation. We will not be able to accept any software update requests. WorldWind users can continue to access the NASA servers and SDKs, available on Github. More information will be provided in the near future.