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WWSK’s features are built for data viewing. In addition to GeoServer’s general features, WWSK can export data as a GeoPackage, allowing the user to control its contents. Our most recently developed feature is the WorldWind Viewer, which lets you see your data in the context of Earth.

General Features

  • Understands multiple data formats such as Shapefiles, GeoTIFFS, GeoPackages, and GDAL formats
  • Serves and shares data with clients
  • Accesses data from remote services, acting as a proxy
  • Uses an integrated GeoWebCache for improved client performance

WorldWind Explorer

  • Allows you to see your data in the context of a globe
  • Visualizes all the layers and layer groups that you’ve defined on one terrain
  • Understands and leverages your GeoServer’s capabilities and strengths–no configuration required

GeoPackage Capabilities

  • Export your data as a GeoPackage
  • Exported raster GeoPackages contain a collection of prerendered tiles
  • User-controlled content (i.e. extents, styles, layers)
  • Can be shared and used offline in GIS tools