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WWSK’s features are built for data viewing. In addition to GeoServer’s general features, WWSK can export data as a GeoPackage, allowing the user to control its contents. Our most recently developed feature is the WorldWind Viewer, which lets you see your data in the context of Earth.

General Features

  • Understands multiple data formats such as Shapefiles, GeoTIFFS, GeoPackages, and GDAL formats
  • Serves and shares data with clients
  • Accesses data from remote services, acting as a proxy
  • Uses an integrated GeoWebCache for improved client performance

WorldWind Explorer

  • Allows you to see your data in the context of a globe
  • Visualizes all the layers and layer groups that you’ve defined on one terrain
  • Understands and leverages your GeoServer’s capabilities and strengths–no configuration required

GeoPackage Capabilities

  • Export your data as a GeoPackage
  • Exported raster GeoPackages contain a collection of prerendered tiles
  • User-controlled content (i.e. extents, styles, layers)
  • Can be shared and used offline in GIS tools

Server work complete

Dear WorldWind Community,

The WorldWind server work announced in January is now complete. We are pleased to announce that, in addition to retiring old services, we were able to substantially improve performance on some of the existing ones. The service that saw the most substantial performance improvement was the elevations service.

We hope that you will notice these performance improvements in your WorldWind-based applications. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.