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What is WWSK?

WWSK (pronounced whis-kee) stands for WorldWind Server Kit. It is an open source Java project that assembles GeoServer for easy distribution and implementation. It is designed with simplicity in mind. WWSK is preconfigured to deal with common services and file formats, including GeoPackages. All you have to do is install WWSK and launch GeoServer to begin hosting, serving, and exploring your map data. The lightweight configuration allows users to stay out of the IT domain and remain close to their problem domain.

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Electric blue logo for install4j WWSK uses a multi-platform installer builder to maximize productivity.

NASA WorldWind Project Suspension

WorldWind team would like to inform you that starting April 5, 2019, NASA WorldWind project will be suspended. All the WorldWind servers providing elevation and imagery will be unavailable. While you can still download the SDKs from GitHub, there will be no technical support. If you have questions and/or concerns, please feel free to email at: