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Quake Hunter v0.3.2.2

Developed at NASA Ames Research Center
with the WorldWind Development Team.
Powered by the USGS Earthquake API.

This is an earthquake visualization app built in NASA Web World Wind with support from the USGS Innovation Center for Earth Science. Given the wealth of USGS information on historic earthquakes, we designed and built an app that can aggregate and display nearly 100 years of seismic data dynamically.

Quake Hunter is a valuable tool for understanding how tectonic plates interact with one another. Quake Hunter visualizes any range of earthquake data from the USGS, in 3D, either on the whole planet or in a user-defined geographically constrained area. With powerful querying tools, this application provids exactly what the user wants to see in terms of earthquake event data around the world.

Querying Earthquakes:

Preformance Tips:


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Source NASA World Wind
App Developers:
Gabriel Militão & Benjamin Chang

Search Options:

Date Range:
Magnitude Range
5.3 to 7 Richter
Depth Range
0 to 1000 KM
Surface Opacity
% opacity
Color Mode:
Limit Displayed Events

Globe Options:




Drawing Mode:

How To:

To use the drawing mode, choose from the drop down how you would like to select the earthquakes, and double click on the globe to begin drawing. Double click again to end drawing.

To remove the outline of your drawing, go to "Globe Options" and remove the "Drawing" layer.

To clear the drawing, click the reset button on the navigation bar.

Radius Search:

Right click on the globe or fill in.

Radius (km):

Search Summary

Number of Eathquakes:

Start Date:

End Date:

Min Magnitude:

Max Magnitude:

Min Depth: km

Max Depth: km

Earthquake Event Info






Depth (km):

Drawn Region Info

Drawn Min Latitude:

Drawn Max Latitude:

Drawn Min Longitude:

Drawn Max Longitude:

Origin Latitude:

Origin Longitude:

Drawn Radius:

0 - 3 3 - 5 5 - 7 7 - 10
< 10% < 30% < 60% 100%