Update on up and coming releases of NASA WorldWind

Dear WorldWind Community,

New software releases have been delayed due to a number of factors including COVID-19. However, we hope to release the latest version in the July timeframe. We appreciate the support and your patience during this unprecedented time. For further inquiries, please refer to our contact us page.

New versions of WorldWind released

Web WorldWind 0.10.0 and WorldWind Java 2.2.0 are now available on GitHub. The new version of Web WorldWind addresses potential vulnerabilities in the code and underlying packages. The new version of WorldWind Java focuses on upgrading to Java 11 and JOGL 2.4 as well as a switch to Apache 2.0 license. WorldWind’s API remains largely unchanged in this release and we are committed to maintaining a consistent API in future releases. More information on the release can be found at these links: Web WorldWind 0.10.0 and WorldWind Java 2.2.0.

Please direct questions to our new email address: arc-worldwind@mail.nasa.gov.