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How to update video card drivers for Windows

Step 1:

On the desktop, right click and select "properties".

This will bring up the Display properties panel.

Step 2:

At the top of the window, click on the "settings" tab.

This will bring up detailed information for graphics and reveal the hardware vendor. This will be necessary to download the proper driver.

Step 3:

In the middle of the screen is a pull-down menu labeled "Display".

Read the contents of the box and look for one of three key words...

ATI, Nvidia, or Intel.

Step 4:

Download the appropiate driver based on the previous step. The drivers for each can be found at...

Step 5: Download the driver to your desktop and run it, following all default instructions. This step may prompt your computer to reboot. Make certain any open applications have saved and allow the computer to reboot.
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How to update video card drivers for Mac


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