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WorldWind Java provides a rich set of features for displaying and interacting with geographic data and representing a wide range of geometric objects.

General Features

  • Open-source, high-performance 3D Virtual globe API and SDK
  • Adds 3D geographic visualization to any application
  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Free run-time and development license
  • Unencumbered use on any number of devices
  • Huge collection of high-resolution imagery and terrain from NASA servers
  • Displays high-resolution imagery, terrain and geographic information from any open-standard public or private source
  • Open-standard interfaces to GIS services and databases
  • Large collection of geometric and geographic¬†shapes
  • Simple to extend and modify, designed to be extensible
  • Uses Java and OpenGL

Graphics Capabilities

  • Point, Path, Polygon, Curtain
  • Volumes: Extruded Polygon, Ellipsoid, Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Pyramid, Box, Airspaces (see below)
  • Terrain conforming shapes: Path, Polygons, Ellipse, Circle, Quadrilateral, Rectangle, Square, Text, Image, Icon
  • Airspaces: Box, Cake, Capped Cylinder (full and partial), Curtain, Orbit, PolyArc, Polygon, Route, Sphere, Track
  • Annotation: Text, Text Balloon, HTML5 web-browser Balloon, Image, Icons, all with geo-located and screen versions
  • Placenames, Political boundaries
  • Transparency
  • Picking, Selection
  • Navigation and Viewing: Orbit View, First Person, Stereo, application-defined
  • Multiple WorldWind windows
  • Interactive shape editors
  • 2525C Tactical Symbols and Tactical Graphics

Data Formats

  • Imagery: JPG, PNG, GeoTIFF, JPEG2000 and many others
  • Government formats: NITF, MrSID, RPF (CADRG, CIB, etc.), DTED and many others
  • GIS formats: Shapefile, KML, VPF, GML, GeoJSON, GeoRSS, GPX, NMEA and many others
  • Coordinate Systems: Lat/Lon, UTM, MGRS.
  • Datums: WGS84, NAD27 and many others

Analysis Capabilities

  • Measurement,¬† geometric and terrain following
  • Line-of-sight with high-resolution terrain and shapes
  • Terrain intersection
  • Shape interactions

Miscellaneous Capabilities

  • Deploy as Java Application or Java Web Start Application
  • GIS web service protocols: WMS, WFS
  • Swing, AWT and JOGL integration
  • Layer model with visibility and transparency control
  • Highly configurable and customizable
  • Automatic image and terrain retrieval from web services
  • Animation: View, globe, object
  • Local data cache
  • Automatic region sorting
  • Over 100 programming examples
  • API documentation
  • Community support forum

NASA WorldWind Project Notice

Currently WorldWind is undergoing system evaluation. We will not be able to accept any software update requests. WorldWind users can continue to access the NASA servers and SDKs, available on Github. More information will be provided in the near future.