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Placemark Picking

Tapping a placemark will toggle its highlighted state.

The PlacemarksPickingFragment class extends the BasicGlobeFragment and overrides the createWorldWindow method. Here we create a add a RenderableLayer with four Placemarks to the globe. We also override with default WorldWindowController with a PickNavigateController inner class to respond to touch events on the Placemarks.

public class PlacemarksPickingFragment extends BasicGlobeFragment {

    private static final double NORMAL_IMAGE_SCALE = 3.0;

    private static final double HIGHLIGHTED_IMAGE_SCALE = 4.0;

     * Creates a new WorldWindow (GLSurfaceView) object with a WMS Layer
     * @return The WorldWindow object containing the globe.
    public WorldWindow createWorldWindow() {
        // Let the super class (BasicGlobeFragment) do the creation
        WorldWindow wwd = super.createWorldWindow();

        // Override the WorldWindow's built-in navigation behavior by adding picking support.
        wwd.setWorldWindowController(new PickNavigateController());

        // Add a layer for placemarks to the WorldWindow
        RenderableLayer layer = new RenderableLayer("Placemarks");

        // Create a few placemarks with highlight attributes and add them to the layer
        layer.addRenderable(createAirportPlacemark(Position.fromDegrees(34.2000, -119.2070, 0), "Oxnard Airport"));
        layer.addRenderable(createAirportPlacemark(Position.fromDegrees(34.2138, -119.0944, 0), "Camarillo Airport"));
        layer.addRenderable(createAirportPlacemark(Position.fromDegrees(34.1193, -119.1196, 0), "Pt Mugu Naval Air Station"));
        layer.addRenderable(createAircraftPlacemark(Position.fromDegrees(34.15, -119.15, 2000)));

        // Position the viewer to look near the airports
        LookAt lookAt = new LookAt().set(34.15, -119.15, 0, WorldWind.ABSOLUTE, 2e4 /*range*/, 0 /*heading*/, 45 /*tilt*/, 0 /*roll*/);
        wwd.getNavigator().setAsLookAt(wwd.getGlobe(), lookAt);

        return wwd;

     * Helper method to create aircraft placemarks.
    private static Placemark createAircraftPlacemark(Position position) {
        Placemark placemark = Placemark.createWithImage(position, ImageSource.fromResource(R.drawable.aircraft_fighter));
        placemark.setHighlightAttributes(new PlacemarkAttributes(placemark.getAttributes()).setImageScale(HIGHLIGHTED_IMAGE_SCALE));
        return placemark;

     * Helper method to create airport placemarks.
    private static Placemark createAirportPlacemark(Position position, String airportName) {
        Placemark placemark = Placemark.createWithImage(position, ImageSource.fromResource(R.drawable.airport_terminal));
        placemark.setHighlightAttributes(new PlacemarkAttributes(placemark.getAttributes()).setImageScale(HIGHLIGHTED_IMAGE_SCALE));
        return placemark;

     * This inner class is a custom WorldWindController that handles both picking and navigation via a combination of
     * the native WorldWind navigation gestures and Android gestures. This class' onTouchEvent method arbitrates
     * between pick events and globe navigation events.
    public class PickNavigateController extends BasicWorldWindowController {

        protected Object pickedObject;          // last picked object from onDown events

        protected Object selectedObject;        // last "selected" object from single tap

         * Assign a subclassed SimpleOnGestureListener to a GestureDetector to handle the "pick" events.
        protected GestureDetector pickGestureDetector = new GestureDetector(
            getContext().getApplicationContext(), new GestureDetector.SimpleOnGestureListener() {
            public boolean onDown(MotionEvent event) {
                pick(event);    // Pick the object(s) at the tap location
                return false;   // By not consuming this event, we allow it to pass on to the navigation gesture handlers

            public boolean onSingleTapUp(MotionEvent e) {
                toggleSelection();  // Highlight the picked object

                // By not consuming this event, we allow the "up" event to pass on to the navigation gestures,
                // which is required for proper zoom gestures.  Consuming this event will cause the first zoom
                // gesture to be ignored.  As an alternative, you can implement onSingleTapConfirmed and consume
                // event as you would expect, with the trade-off being a slight delay tap response.
                return false;

         * Delegates events to the pick handler or the native WorldWind navigation handlers.
        public boolean onTouchEvent(MotionEvent event) {
            // Allow pick listener to process the event first.
            boolean consumed = this.pickGestureDetector.onTouchEvent(event);

            // If event was not consumed by the pick operation, pass it on the globe navigation handlers
            if (!consumed) {

                // The super class performs the pan, tilt, rotate and zoom
                return super.onTouchEvent(event);
            return consumed;

         * Performs a pick at the tap location.
        public void pick(MotionEvent event) {
            // Forget our last picked object
            this.pickedObject = null;

            // Perform a new pick at the screen x, y
            PickedObjectList pickList = getWorldWindow().pick(event.getX(), event.getY());

            // Get the top-most object for our new picked object
            PickedObject topPickedObject = pickList.topPickedObject();
            if (topPickedObject != null) {
                this.pickedObject = topPickedObject.getUserObject();

         * Toggles the selected state of a picked object.
        public void toggleSelection() {

            // Display the highlight or normal attributes to indicate the
            // selected or unselected state respectively.
            if (pickedObject instanceof Highlightable) {

                // Determine if we've picked a "new" object so we know to deselect the previous selection
                boolean isNewSelection = pickedObject != this.selectedObject;

                // Only one object can be selected at time, deselect any previously selected object
                if (isNewSelection && this.selectedObject instanceof Highlightable) {
                    ((Highlightable) this.selectedObject).setHighlighted(false);

                // Show the selection by showing its highlight attributes
                ((Highlightable) pickedObject).setHighlighted(isNewSelection);

                // Track the selected object
                this.selectedObject = isNewSelection ? pickedObject : null;

Server maintenance notice

Dear WorldWind Community,

The geospatial data services that feed WorldWind clients by default with data are undergoing maintenance. Outages between 2 to 4 hours per server may occur during the month of April 2023.

As always, if you have any inquiries or concerns, please contact us at: