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Camera View

This example simulates a view from an aircraft above Oxnard, CA looking at the Point Mugu Naval Air Station.

The CameraViewFragment class extends the BasicGlobeFragment and overrides the createWorldWindow method. Here we position the Navigator’s camera at an aircraft’s location and point the camera at a nearby airport.

public class CameraViewFragment extends BasicGlobeFragment {

     * Creates a new WorldWindow with its camera positioned at a given location and configured to point in a given
     * direction.
    public WorldWindow createWorldWindow() {
        // Let the super class (BasicGlobeFragment) do the creation
        WorldWindow wwd = super.createWorldWindow();

        // Create a view of Point Mugu airport as seen from an aircraft above Oxnard, CA.
        Position aircraft = new Position(34.2, -119.2, 3000);           // Above Oxnard CA, altitude in meters
        Position airport = new Position(34.1192744, -119.1195850, 4.0); // KNTD airport, Point Mugu CA, altitude MSL

        // Compute heading and tilt angles from aircraft to airport
        Globe globe = wwd.getGlobe();
        double heading = aircraft.greatCircleAzimuth(airport);
        double distanceRadians = aircraft.greatCircleDistance(airport);
        double distance = distanceRadians * globe.getRadiusAt(aircraft.latitude, aircraft.longitude);
        double tilt = Math.toDegrees(Math.atan(distance / aircraft.altitude));

        // Create the new camera view
        Camera camera = new Camera();
        camera.set(aircraft.latitude, aircraft.longitude, aircraft.altitude, WorldWind.ABSOLUTE, heading, tilt, 0); // No roll

        // Apply the view
        wwd.getNavigator().setAsCamera(globe, camera);

        // This works too!  Using the fluid api to manipulate the Navigator's camera:
//        wwd.getNavigator()
//            .setLatitude(aircraft.latitude)
//            .setLongitude(aircraft.longitude)
//            .setAltitude(aircraft.altitude)
//            .setHeading(heading)
//            .setTilt(tilt);

        return wwd;