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Google Earth vs. NASA World Wind

(August 2008)


NASA World Wind featured in "Towards the Geospatial Web: Media Platforms for Managing Geotagged Knowledge Repositories"

(May 2007)


NASA World Wind helps solve 3,000 year old mystery of ancient Ithaca, the island home of Homer's Odysseus

(August 2005)



BBC - Webscape

(August 2005)



Government Computer News

(June 10 2005) World Wind has been mentioned in an article about how government organizations have begun to benefit from open source projects.



The Age

(June 9 2005) The Age has a full article to World Wind, it covers features and basic instructions.



Science Magazine

(May 13 2005) Science Magazine, a publication by the AAAS Vol 308 featured World Wind in their NetWatch section.

(pdf) (link)


Federal Computer Week

(April 4 2005) FCW has an article on the use of Wikis. World Wind was mentioned for using a Wiki to coordinate quick improvements to the program.



Government Computer News

(April 1 2005) GCN has a short summary of World Wind and how describes how it leverages the resources of different government organizations.



20 Minutes

(March 31 2005) "20 Minutes", a daily French newspaper has featured World Wind in their net guide section.

(link) (scan)


Window Forest

(March 07 2005) "Windows Forest", known as an online software directory service in Japan, has posted a review of the features in World Wind 1.3.



.NET Rocks!

(Feb 28 2005) .NET Rocks! is a weekly talk show for anyone interested in programming on the Microsoft .NET platform.

Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell interview Chris Maxwell and Randy Kim about the development of World Wind. We are featured on show #102 titled "NASA World Wind Development Team". Media formats available are MP3, WMA, & AAC Running length is about 1 hour and 12 minutes.




(Mar 2005) WIRED magazine featured World Wind in its' March 2005 issue. The article is called "Around the World in 80 Clicks" by Douglas McGray and can be found starting on page 32 or their web site.



PC World Komputer

The Polish edition of PC World magazine devoted a 4 page article to World Wind in its February 2005 issue.

PC World Komputer included World Wind, and a selection of World Wind add-on packs, on DVDs and CDs included with the magazine.




Australia's most popular magazine for computer enthusiasts, APC, featured World Wind on the cover of its December 2004 issue.

APC included World Wind on a DVD distributed with the magazine.



(Dec 2004) A Greek computer magazine has a 6 page article about World Wind with CD ROM.


The Screen Savers

(Nov 11, 2004) Aired on G4TechTV for tech enthusiasts, featured World Wind as Sarah's download of the day.



The Kim Komando Show

(Oct 18, 2004) One of the top ten radio programs in the US featured NASA World Wind as the download of the week.



NASA Gives Students a Window on the World

(Oct 26, 2004) Students across Australia will have access to NASA Learning Technologies software making it possible to take a ‘virtual fieldtrip’ into the ancient Pilbara region of Western Australia thanks to an agree me nt forged between NASA and the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University .


NASA Portal

(Oct 26, 2004) The main NASA portal hosts the latest news that happens across the agency. The article can be found in the "Life on Earth" environmental section as "NASA Computer Program is 'Hot Download' on the Internet."



PC World

(Oct 7, 2004) Featured in their "Downloads" section for "Graphics & Multimedia."




(Ongoing) Numerous "blogs" or personal journals on the Internet begin passing around news of World Wind. Other online communities, such as newsgroups, are also buzzing.



(Sep 24, 2004) Featured on the main news and science section. More than 60,000 copies of World Wind distributed in one week!


World Wind is developed at NASA Ames Research Center by Chris Maxwell, Randy Kim, Tom Gaskins, Bruce Lam and project manager Patrick Hogan.
Curator: Randolph Kim
Responsible NASA Official: Patrick Hogan
Last Updated: 1/28/2005
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